All clocks are used and in excellent condition throughout.  However, they are NOT new!

There may be the odd imperfection here and there on the clock case and/or brass weights, dial, pendulum. 

Certainly nothing significant!  

All the clocks are in great condition throughout!

Video now available upon request

Please forward your email address and I will be happy to send you a video link of the clock.  This will also enable the potential buyer to hear the clock chiming and striking away.

All clocks are professionally serviced before sale

To ensure long lasting service and reliability, all clock movements are professionally overhauled before sale.

Nationwide personal delivery service

Please allow 14 - 21 days for the delivery of your clock

All clocks are delivered by me personally for fuel costs only.  Please allow £30 per 100 miles distance travelled.

The delivery quote is based on the delivery of the clock & my return journey back home.  

Please forward me your postcode if you would like a quote for delivery.

All clocks are installed in your home / all questions answered on the day / clock instructions forwarded after sales.

Clock Dimensions

The width and depth of the clocks have been measured where the clock meets the floor.

Grandfather Clock

Sligh Grandfather Clock

* German Kieninger movement -  mechanical, weight driven on cables.  Wound by using crank key *

* Fully functioning moon dial *

* Manufactured by Sligh / approximately 20 years of age *

* Excellent used condition throughout *

* Choice of three chimes:  St Michael, Whittington, Westminster Chimes.  Can be manually silenced *

* Constructed mainly from solid mahogany ;  finished in a shade of Georgian mahogany *
* Dimensions, where clock meets the floor:  80.5 inches high x  24.25 inches wide x 14.75 inches deep

(Please read 'General Information' below before purchasing any clock!)

Price £1295